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How do I create a text list of my files and folders in SmartVault?


You can create a list of all of the folders and files in your account using the SmartVault Drive and the Windows Command Line. 


  1. Map the SmartVault Drive.  We will use S: in this example but you will use the drive letter you assigned to your SmartVault Drive. 
  2. Select a folder in your SmartVault Drive, that you have create access to, this is where the text file will be saved. Do not select the account level, files cannot be saved here. Highlight, right-click and copy the path to this folder.  Ex: S:\MyAccount\Vault\My Folder
  3. Click the Start button, in the search field type cmd.exe and hit enter.
  4. Type S: then hit enter, the prompt should change to S:\>
  5. Type dir /s > then right-click and paste the path of the folder you copied above, then type \export.txt at the end of that path.  ex: "dir /s >S:\MyAccount\Vault\My Folder
  6. Press Enter. Allow the command to finish, it may take several minutes. You will then have a .txt file containing all of the files and folders in your SmartVault account. 


You can search .txt files by pressing CTRL+F to open the Find dialog. 


To use the SmartVault Drive you must be either a Client or User for the account you want to index. Contact your account administrator for assistance. 


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