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SmartVault Outlook Plug-in Not Appearing in Outlook

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Applies to:

SmartVault Tax and Accounting plans

SmartVault Business plans


Follow these steps to resolve an issue where the SmartVault buttons are not appearing when sending a new message or when reading a message.


This issue's cause relates to the SmartVault Outlook Plug-in conflicting with other changes you might have made to the toolbar on the Messages tab. The fix below puts the SmartVault button on the Add Ins tab to try and fix this problem.



  1. Find the Smartvault configuration file for the Outlook Plug-in on your computer.

    It is usually in a path that looks like this:

    C:\users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\SmartVault\SVWidgets\SV Outlook_Settings.xlm
    For example:


    If you don’t see the “AppData” folder under your <username> folder, edit the View Folder settings so that you can see hidden folders​.

    Check the Hidden Folders box to enabled hidden folders and files to be visible.

  2. Right-click on the file and select Edit.


  3. Change the last two configuration settings from "true" to "false".

    These are two settings that assign the SmartVault button to be on the Add Ins tab in Outlook instead of on the Messages tab. Change “true” to “false” in the settings below without editing anything else. Then save the file.


    <UseAddInsTabOnComposeMessage>false</UseAddInsTabOnComposeMessage>  <UseAddInsTabOnReadMessage>false</UseAddInsTabOnReadMessage>


  4. If you changed your Folder View settings in step 1, you need to change your settings to once again make hidden folders and files hidden.

    If Hidden Files is checked, uncheck the box after finishing step 3.

  5. Run Outlook and see if it is working. When you read or create an email, you should now see the Smartvault buttons on the Add Ins tab.

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