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Unable to print to SmartVault from Lacerte or ProSeries

Applies to:

SmartVault for Intuit Tax Lacerte and ProSeries

SmartVault for Intuit Tax Lacerte Solo and Team plans

SmartVault for Intuit Tax ProSeries Solo and Team plans


If you're having trouble printing to SmartVault from Lacerte or ProSeries, here are some diagnostic steps that will help either resolve the issue, or help us to determine more details about your issue.

Important note

During tax season there are many updates from Lacerte / Proseries. These updates will sometimes break the integration between SmartVault and the tax software. The fastest way to fix this is to Restart your computer. If the restart does not work, proceed to the following steps below.


  1. Update to the latest release of Lacerte or ProSeries software.

  2. Once you update LaCerte or ProSeries to the latest software version, please close and exit out of LaCerte or ProSeries (if the software is already up to date, close and exit out of LaCerte or ProSeries either way).

    *Click the link below that applies to your installation and open the file that downloads to install the fix​.*
    ProSeries PDF Repair Tool
    Lacerte PDF Repair Tool
  3. Once downloaded to your desktop, browse to the folder where the file downloaded and right click and select "Run as Administrator...". After it has completed, press any key on your keyboard to close the tool. 
  4. Open the User Settings from the SmartVault LaunchPad and Click on the Extensions tab.

  5. Click on the Extensions tab to display the 3 years for LaCerte or ProSeries.
    Un-Check all 3 years for LaCerte or ProSeries (choose which ever one you are using) and Click OK.

  6. Clear the Connected Desktop cache (Click here to follow the steps on how to clear the cache)
  7. Re-open the SmartVault Launchpad and click User Settings. Click on the Extensions tab once again and Re-Check all 3 years for LaCerte or ProSeries and Click OK.

  8. Open Lacerte or ProSeries and select a client's tax return to print.
  9. If the print job is successful, you should see a pop up window on the bottom right hand of your screen affirming "Upload is Complete", or you can sign into the SmartVault client portal and navigate to your client's tax return folder to verify that the tax return printed to SmartVault. 

    *If the print job is still not successful, please contact SmartVault Customer Support by submitting a ticket.​​

* These are the default instructions provided by Intuit to resolve most printing issues with their Lacerte and Proseries tax software.

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