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What We're Working on

Overview (Updated 10/18/2017)

Here’s a prioritized list of new features and improvements planned for upcoming releases. Priorities can change, so we will be updating this information with each new release.  You can submit your own feature requests to


What We're Working On


We are always working on bug fixes, performance improvements, and smaller feature requests that come in from customers through our Customer Support team. Here are some of the bigger features, usability improvements, and security enhancements that the SmartVault product team is working on:

New Features  


  • Security: Location-based Sessions. (October 2017)
    • SmartVault will now be able to detect a change in a user’s IP address and require re-authentication when a change in location is detected.
  • Security: Session Time Out  (Opt-in starting November 2017)
    • If you are logged in to the SmartVault portal and remain idle for 15 minutes, you will be automatically logged out of your SmartVault session. A SmartVault administrator can opt-in their account for session time-out by contacting SmartVault customer support. Session time out will be available by default to all SmartVault users in April 2018.
  • Security: Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for all SmartVault users (December 2017)
    • SmartVault will expand it’s authentication choices to include two-factor authentication beginning December 2017. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an additional layer of security to protect your account. 2FA uses an additional factor of authentication in combination with a username and password. The second factor (the first being your password) is typically a code sent via text to your mobile device. The code is entered after you’ve entered your username and password to further verify your identity before granting access to your information. Two-factor authentication has proven to be a powerful solution for protection from cybercriminals, who may be adept at stealing passwords, but are unlikely to be in possession of a user’s mobile phone.

Updates to Existing Features


  • Security:  Disable the auto-fill password function at user log-in. (October 2017)
    • SmartVault will no longer auto-fill passwords on the user’s log-in window. Users will be required to type in their passwords or use a password manager to secure their passwords.


  • Portal Dashboard View: Improvements to document preview and search capabilities (December 2017)
  • User Interface: Improve end client user experience by upgrading and simplifying the user interface for uploading and downloading files. (January 2018)
  • Auto-Filer: Expand capabilities with non-integrated software and improve user interface (Summer 2018).
  • Connected Desktop: Allow users to edit Client IDs and Client Information from within the Connected Desktop (Summer 2018).

Features Under Consideration


  • e-Payment Support: Enable end-client payment collection through SmartVault (Fall 2018).
  • K-1 Support: Add direct printing and sharing options for K-1s in Partnerships, Estates, and Trusts (Fall 2018).
  • Active Directory: Support integration with Windows Active Directory to simplify IT management and deployment of SmartVault for larger organizations (Fall 2018).