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What We're Working on

Overview (Updated 12/14/2016)

Here’s a prioritized list of new features and improvements we are working on. Priorities can change, so we will be updating this information with each new release.

What’s in progress?


We are always working on bug fixes, performance improvements, and smaller feature requests that come in from customers through our Customer Care team. Here are some of the bigger features that the SmartVault product team is working on:


  • Portal & Dashboard: Improvements to preview and search capabilities
    • Feature complete; gradual rollout anticipated through June 2017
  • Connected Desktop: The ability to request an e-signature from clients
    • Partnering with RightSignature
    • Feature will be available for Accountants and Tax Prep plans before January 2017
  • Connected Desktop: Auto-refreshing the Connected Desktop when changes are made to clients, folders, files, etc.
    • Feature released - available to all plans that include access to the Connected Desktop after update
  • Connected Desktop: Adding a Client Information tab where client detail can easily be edited
    • Work in progress
  • Connected Desktop: The ability to add a client
    • Work in progress
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