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Reset your SmartVault Account Password


This section explains how to reset a password for yourself or another user just in case you forget it. You can request a password reset at any time from the SmartVault Sign In page. When you request a password reset, SmartVault automatically sends you a password reset email from SmartVault Notifications ( to the email address associated with your user ID. Simply click on the link in the email and then type in and confirm your new password. Follow along with the video or just follow the instructions below.


Reset Your SmartVault Password


  1. Go to and click Reset Password as shown below.

  2. Click Request Password Reset after you enter your email address in the field as shown below.

  3. Go to your email Inbox, open up the password reset email from SmartVault, and then click the link in the email to go to the Reset Password dialog box.

  4. In the Password field, type a new password. Your new password must be at least twelve characters in length. And it must contain the following: At least one Uppercase, At least one Lowercase, At least one Number, At least one Punctuation like (!.,?@&)

    Do not use a colon (:) character or a semicolon (;) character. These characters are not allowed.
  5. In the Confirm password field, type your new password again, and then click Reset Password.
  6. SmartVault resets your password and then automatically signs you into the SmartVault portal using your new password.


Note: If you use the SmartVault Drive, you must remap your SmartVault Drive after you change your password.


Note: For security reasons, SmartVault employees cannot see or reset your password. A SmartVault administrator or Vault manager may submit a password reset request for another user, client or guest of their SmartVault account, but the email containing the reset link goes directly to the person who requested their password reset.

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