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Editing Documents in the Connected Desktop

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You can open and edit a document from Connected Desktop without needing to download the document first. The document opens in the default program used for opening the file type; you can make changes to the document and save the document in the program and the saved changes are automatically applied to the file in SmartVault.


For this example, we'll be using an Excel file opening in Microsoft Excel; different files will open in different programs, depending on what you have installed on your computer, however, the steps in this process are the same for differing file types. You can edit PDFs with additional tools in Connected Desktop. See Editing PDFs in Connected Desktop for more information.


  1. Locate the file you want to edit in Connected Desktop and open the file.
  2. Using the program that opens the file, make changes to your file.
  3. Save the file using the program that opened the file.
    (When using a program in Microsoft Office, for example, you can click File>Save or click the Save icon in the Quick Access Toolbar.) CD_Edit_Files_Save_Icon.png
  4. The saved changes are automatically made to the file in SmartVault. You can check by reopening the file from Connected Desktop.
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