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Create Client Engagements in Bulk from the Portal

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Using the Dashboard, you can add new Engagements up to 100 clients at a time. The client list in the Dashboard displays up to 100 clients per page, and you can select all clients or any combination of each 100 clients displayed at a time to add various engagements.

Please note* If you currently display less than 100 clients at a time, please visit this article to show you how to change your view settings so that it will reflect 100 at a time Change your Default Page Size in the SmartVault Portal


  1. Sign-In the SmartVault Portal
  2. On the left side of the screen, Right-Click  on the blue globe  icon. 
  3. Click on View Dashboard

  4. Click on the Clients icon as shown below:

  5. To select all clients on a page, click checkbox icon on the menu bar. To select specific clients, click the checkbox or click again to uncheck the checkbox icon on each specific client.

  6. When you've selected the appropriate clients, click Create new engagements.

  7. On the next screen, Click on the Tax Engagement word to allow you to select a different Type of Engagement if needed. You have the following listed in the screen shot below to choose from:

  8. Click the year, or other frequency (quarterly, monthly), if applicable, for these engagements.

  9. Click the  icon to Save engagement.

  10. A window opens to verify that each client receives this new engagement.

  11. Use the navigational menu at the bottom-right of the client list to continue to the next 100 clients in your SmartVault account.

  12. Repeat the process for each additional page of clients.
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