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Edit Folder Templates


Applies to:

SmartVault Tax and Accounting plans

Although folder templates apply to both Tax and Accounting plans, some non-tax templates may be empty for tax customers.

Folder templates are used to create the folder structures in your account and only apply to the folders that are created for actions such as adding a client, creating a new engagement, or adding an employee. For every folder template, you can add, rename, delete folders and sub-folders as well as change permissions on a folder.

View and Edit Folder Templates

Folder templates live in the SmartVault Dashboard under Manage Folder Templates:

Dash_manage folder templates icon.jpg


When you access the folder templates, you'll notice a list of templates. These are set by default.

Click on View and edit templates CP_view and edit template icon.jpg for the template you'd like to edit. For this example, we're editing the template designated for a Payroll engagement (the folder structure you'll see when you create a Payroll engagement).


When you edit the template, it displays all of the folders that SmartVault uses when you create a Payroll engagement.

CP_folders in folder template.jpg

Adding Folders

  1. To add a folder, we'll click the gear icon next to the Payroll yyyy folder and select New folder. This creates a new folder underneath it, appropriately labeled 'New Folder'.
    CP_new folder_folder templates.jpg

Renaming Folders

  1. To rename the folder labeled 'New Folder,' we'll click the gear icon next to it and select Edit folder.
    CP_edit folder_folder template.jpg
  2. Under Name, rename the folder. Click Save changes to complete your edit.
    CP_rename folder and save_folder templates.jpg

Changing Permissions

  1. To change permissions for a specific folder, under Access, set the groups who can access this folder and the level of access each group should receive. Click the icon to add a group, and click each checkbox to set what the group can access. 
    CP_access_folder templates.jpg
  2. Click Save changes.
  3. Click Save changes on the template page.
  4. Enter a description for the change you made. In this example, we'll enter "Added a Folder Entitled Renamed Folder to the Payroll Engagement Template. Check the Apply now box if you'd like SmartVault to make the changes to your folders immediately. Click OK.

    CP_enter description.jpg
  5. After some time, all of the clients with a Payroll engagement will reflect the changes.

Deleting Folders

  1. To delete a folder from a template, click the gear icon next to the folder you'd like to delete. Select Remove folder.

    CP_remove folder_folder templates.jpg
  2. Click OK to delete the folder.
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