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Invite An Employee To A SmartVault Plan


Applies to:

SmartVault Tax and Accounting plans

Add or invite an employee to your SmartVault account.


Note: Adding an employee automatically invites that employee to view your account. Do not add employees until you are ready for your employees to view your SmartVault account.


  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Right click on your account and select View Dashboard.

  3. Click Employees.

  4. Click Add new employee.

  5. Click the + icon to add information for each field. At minimum, you must add a name and an email for your employee.

  6. Check Administrative user to give the employee administrator privileges. A green badge appears on the employee icon to signify this user is an Administrator. You should not give all employees administrative privileges, and instead, you should limit this only to employees that need to make changes to the account. See this article for more about what an administrator can do in your SmartVault account.

  7. Click Save Changes.

  8. When you've saved your changes, the new employee is added to your employee list.



Note: You may experience either of the following error messages

If you experience the Error above it means that one of the fields in the form has a syntax error such as a space in an email address. Check the field that is highlighted in red to identify the problem


This error may mean you don't have enough licenses to add this employee. You may need to add additional licenses to your account. Follow these instructions if you experience the error above




This error message will come up if you have previously added the employee's email address as a guest and are now trying to add that email address as a user. Follow these instructions if you experience the error above.

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