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Create New Containers and Redistribute Clients


This article explains how to create new containers and how to redistribute clients. Note this feature is only available for the plans with Intuit Tax.


Container names must be exactly 3 characters including the ‘-‘ character. For example, A-D would be a valid container name, but A- or AA-BZ would not be valid container names.


  1. You must create all of your new containers first and then redistribute your clients accordingly.
  1. Creating overlapping containers (for example, A-A and A-D) and redistributing your clients from one to the other will not work.
  1. You cannot create sub-containers (a container within another container). We do not currently support this functionality.


For this guide we will use the example of creating a 0-9 container:


1. Start from SmartVault portal with Lacerte, ProSeries, or DMS clients with names that already contain numeric values.


2. Right click on the account and create a new Container called ‘0-9’.


3. With the new Container ‘0-9’ created, right click on ‘Clients’ container and run ‘Redistribute Clients’.  After Redistribute request has been submitted, right click on Account to refresh.



4.  Observe clients have been redistributed in the ‘0-9’ Container.

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