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Manually Map a Drive on Windows 7 or 8


You may from time to time have the need to manually map a drive on Windows. If your drive mappings are disconnected or if your hoster tells you to remap the drive, you can manually map it.


  1. On the Start menu, right-click Computer, and then click Map network drive.
  2. In the Drive field, select an available drive letter from the drop-down list.
  3. In the Folder field, type https://docs.smartvault.com.
  4. Make sure the Reconnect at logon check box is selected.
  5. Click Finish.
  6. In the User name field, type your SmartVault user ID, and in the Password field, type the password you specified for your SmartVault user ID.
  7. If you do not want to enter your SmartVault user ID and password each time you connect to your SmartVault Portal, select the Remember my password check box.
  8. Click OK.


If you need instructions for other versions of Microsoft operating systems please contact the SmartVault Technical Support team here.

If you manually map the SmartVault Drive, it will not disconnect when you sign out of the SmartVault Desktop software. This could be a security concern for some users. 

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