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Naming Vaults, Folders, and Documents


Using a well-planned and standardized naming convention for your vaults, folders and the documents that you attach to QuickBooks or Reckon Accounts transactions enhances your ability to search and to sort on filename in your document management system.


The document name is an important component of a search in SmartVault. The SmartVault search engine looks for the string in the document title, the document description and, if you have a Business Pro plan account, the content, when available.

The search result rankings are based on number of occurrences, and the position of the search string in the document, where an occurrence of the string in the document title gets the heaviest weighting in the ranking system. Thus a smaller document with 3 occurrences but one being the title, will weigh more heavily than a much larger document with 10 occurrences in the body of the document.

When to Use

As soon as you decide you want to store documents electronically. Whether you use SmartVault or even store your documents locally, it is a good idea to have a consistent naming policy in place, especially when you have multiple users uploading and storing files to the system.