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Getting Started Self-Guided Orientation for Tax Professionals

SmartVault Tutorials

For Lacerte® and ProSeries® Tax


An Orientation

Follow the topics here to verify you meet the requirements and have successfully connected your SmartVault to your tax application.

Reviewing SmartVault Requirements for Intuit Lacerte or ProSeries

Make sure that you've have the necessary software to use SmartVault with your tax software.

Verifying Your SmartVault Account and Software for Intuit Lacerte or ProSeries

Verify that you've installed the necessary components of SmartVault.

Enabling SmartVault for Intuit Lacerte 


Enabling SmartVault Integration with Intuit ProSeries

Choose to integrate SmartVault with Lacerte, ProSeries, or both.

Migrating Your Intuit DMS Data to SmartVault with the DMS Data Migration Tool


Migrating Your Intuit Lacerte Clients to SmartVault with the Data Migration Tool


Migrating Your Intuit ProSeries Clients to SmartVault with the Data Migration Tool

Migrate your data to SmartVault with easy to use Data Migration Tool. If you're a DMS and Intuit tax application user, you'll only need the DMS migration guide to complete your migration.

Setup and Customization

Follow the topics here to learn how to initially set up SmartVault and customize the Client Portal to your company's branding.

Customize Personal Settings

Use this guide to configure the basic settings in your SmartVault account.

Setting Up Scanners to Scan to SmartVault


Configure scanners to work with SmartVault. Integration is supported for TWAIN-compliant, Canon, and Fujitsu scanners.

Brand Your Client Portal

Create a customized Client Portal that reflects your company's brand, including your company's colors, logo, and a custom subdomain for your Client Portal.

Add Employees

Add an employee to access your SmartVault account by inviting that employee via email.

Printing Tax Returns to SmartVault from Lacerte


Printing Tax Returns to SmartVault from ProSeries

Use the SmartVault integration with Intuit tax products to print from Lacerte or ProSeries directly to SmartVault.

Using Connected Desktop
Follow the topics here to jump start your workflow with our DMS tool, Connected Desktop. 

Getting to Know the Connected Desktop

A first look and overview of Connected Desktop.

Creating New Engagements

Use the Connected Desktop directly to create new tax engagements, or use the Connected Desktop to access a client in the Client Portal for other kinds of engagements.

Scanning Documents Using a TWAIN-Compliant Scanner

Scanning Documents Using a Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanner

Scanning Documents Using a Canon CaptureOnTouch Scanner

Use the Connected Desktop to efficiently scan documents into SmartVault.

Search and Filter Clients and Files

Use the Connected Desktop to quickly locate clients, folders, or files.

Editing Documents

The Connected Desktop offers several ways to edit documents without the need to manually upload and download files.

Sending Files to Clients Using Connected Desktop

The Connected Desktop offers several ways to send files to your clients.

Sending Files Using the Outlook Plugin

Using the Outlook Plugin, you can send a link to a vault, folder, or file directly from Outlook.

Working with the Client Portal

Use the Client Portal to share documents with your clients.

Customizing Text in the Client Invitation Email

When inviting your client, SmartVault generates and sends an email from a template you can edit.

Inviting Clients

Invite your clients to access their files and folders within your SmartVault account.

Sending Tax Returns to Clients in Bulk


Sending Tax Returns to One Client at a Time

Quickly send tax returns to your clients using SmartVault's mail merge tool.