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Enabling SmartVault for Intuit® Lacerte®


Once you open the SmartVault Launchpad and sign in to SmartVault on your computer, Lacerte should prompt you to grant SmartVault read-only access to Lacerte Tax data. If you are not prompted to grant this access, close and restart Lacerte, and then sign in to SmartVault..


After you complete this how-to, SmartVault can access Lacerte data, and you can print tax returns and Lacerte documents and store them in SmartVault as PDF files.


  1. With Lacerte running, sign in to SmartVault. Lacerte should display the Access Confirmation window. If you do not see the Access Confirmation window, look on your Taskbar.  You can also use Alt+Tab to scroll through your open windows.
  2. Click Grant.
  3. To verify SmartVault for Intuit Lacerte is working properly, select a tax client in Lacerte, and click Print. Lacerte displays the Print Tax Return window as shown in following image.
  4. Make sure the SmartVault checkbox is checked for each type of return you want to print and store in SmartVault, and then click OK. If the SmartVault checkbox is not available in your version of Lacerte, you need to upgrade Lacerte. The first time you print to SmartVault, Lacerte should display the following window.
  5. Click OK to close the message window.


If you have difficulty printing a tax return and saving the PDF file in SmartVault, review the print settings. For more information, see ​Cannot Print to Lacerte or ProSeries .


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