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Getting Started with QuickBooks Integration


You've activated your account and installed the SmartVault desktop software. Now you're ready to integrate our award-winning toolbar in your first desktop or online QuickBooks company file. But first you should set up the vault and folders for your QuickBooks company files.

Before you begin

Create a vault for your QuickBooks document management before you add your QuickBooks company file to SmartVault.

In SmartVault, a vault is a secure container, like a locked file cabinet, that is used to store QuickBooks company files as well as other online document storage you want in SmartVault.


When you add a QuickBooks company file to SmartVault, you will be asked to specify which vault you want to add the QuickBooks company file to.


You can add all of your QuickBooks company files to one vault, or you can create a separate vault for each of them. However, most SmartVault users choose to create a separate vault for each of their QuickBooks company files.


When you first sign in to the SmartVault Portal, it displays a default vault called My First Vault and a default folder called My First Folder. If you want to add your first QuickBooks company file to this default vault, you can simply rename this default vault by right-clicking on the vault, clicking Rename, and then typing in a new name for the vault. Here are some suggestions for Vault names:

  • QuickBooks Clients Vault

  • Bookkeeping Clients Vault

You can also create additional vaults for storing your QuickBooks company files.


  1. Sign in to SmartVault Desktop Software.
  2. There are 2 ways to adding a QuickBooks Company File. You must choose one or the other depending on whether you are using QuickBooks Desktop version or QuickBooks Online.

    Add a Desktop QuickBooks Company File

    Add a QuickBooks Online Company File
    Before you can begin attaching documents to QuickBooks entries using the SmartVault Toolbar, you must add your QuickBooks company files to SmartVault.
    - See Adding a Desktop Company File
    The integration allows QuickBooks Online users to attach and view source documents (such as receipts, bills, and invoices) directly from within QuickBooks Online.
    - See Install the SmartVault Toolbar in your Web Browser.

Sharing the Documents linked to a QuickBooks Company File

It's easy to share any or all of the documents you attach to transactions in desktop QuickBooks or QuickBooks Online with your clients. See Sharing QuickBooks Company Files with Clients.


Using the Inbox to attach documents in QuickBooks

The SmartVault Inbox is a scanning and file upload tool included in the SmartVault Desktop software.


See Overview of the SmartVault Inbox.

See Attaching Documents to desktop QuickBooks Entries (dragging, scanning)

See Attaching Documents to online Accounting Entries (dragging, using the Inbox folder)

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