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How do I upload files to my accountant?

Welcome to SmartVault

Your tax preparer has partnered with SmartVault to give you a secure way to share files. You're given your own vault in which your tax preparer stores your various tax documents.


Use this guide to begin uploading files to SmartVault for your accountant.


Watch this quick video (For a full screen video click here):

If you would like information on how to get started as a client, click here.

How to upload a document


Your tax preparer might request that you upload one of your tax-related source documents such as your W-2. Note: Your tax preparer might have changed the appearance of some of these folders. Please contact your tax preparer for assistance if you cannot find the source documents folder.


Remember: Use the file path near the top of the screen to move backwards inside your vault.



  1. Click on your Vault Name to move inside.

  2. Click on the TYXX folder for the current tax year.

  3. Click on the Client Source Documents folder.

  4. Click Upload File.

  5. Drag and drop files to the upload window or click Browse to find the file to upload.


  6. Once the progress bar completes, close the Upload window.
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