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December 2013 SmartVault Service Update (

The December 2013 SmartVault service update includes updates to the SmartVault Desktop Client and the Client Portal.

SmartVault Desktop Client software

  • Create a new folder directly in the Desktop client Inbox when you need it
    • Click the Browse button in the Inbox then click the New Folder button or use the right mouse click
  • Rename a folder from within the Desktop client Inbox
    • Click the Browse button in the Inbox then use the right mouse click to rename
  • Get link to a document from the Desktop client Inbox
    • Right click on a document in the Inbox and select Get Link
  • Cut/Paste, Copy or Drag and Drop folders within your account directly in the Inbox
    • When doing so, permissions and notification settings are not transferred. (Yes, you still need to go into the client portal to reset them)
  • SmartVault drive has become more robust. The changes will
    • Automatically check to ensure you have the correct settings for the best browsing performance on Windows 7 and newer operating systems
    • Check and update the maximum file upload size
    • Check and update your WebDAV service Startup Type is set to “Automatic” to reduce unnecessary error messages

SmartVault Client Portal

  • Added drag and drop support for the Upload files dialog in the client portal for Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

Important Information about retiring platforms

The following platform support either has been retired or will be retired in the upcoming months:

  • Microsoft Windows XP for the SmartVault Desktop client – June 2013
  • Internet Explorer 9.0 for the SmartVault Client Portal – October 2013
  • Microsoft Vista for the SmartVault Desktop client – November 2013
  • Windows 2003 Server will be dropped – June 2014
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