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SmartVault Release Notes April 2014


This page contains information about the most recent SmartVault service updates and releases. For more information about previous SmartVault service updates and releases, see Previous Service Updates and Releases.


Name and Version of Release

April 2014 SmartVault Service Update​.

SmartVault Desktop Client

  • Support for Intuit Lacerte and ProSeries integraion
  • Client Importer utility to import clients by tax type in bulk for both Lacerte and ProSeries
  • A new user options tab in User Setting to allow or deny Lacerte and/or ProSeries integration.

SmartVault Client Portal

  • Improved Lacerte document naming and auto-filing
  • Portal upload defaults to "Overwrite" for documents with the same name

Bug Fixes

  1. The desktop client "Create New Folder" auto-selects the new folder to give the user the opportunity to rename it.
  2. More graceful message when .NET 4x not present.
  3. Guest user can now Move/Copy documents in the portal.
  4. Improved portal login page performance.
  5. Changes are made to folder access in the Share and Manage Access dialog are now logged in the Activity log.
  6. Send Link personal message text dialog limited to 1024 characters.


Important Information about retiring platforms

The following platform support either has been retired or will be retired in the upcoming months:

  • Microsoft Windows XP for the SmartVault Desktop client – June 2013
  • Internet Explorer 9.0 for the SmartVault Client Portal – October 2013
  • Microsoft Vista for the SmartVault Desktop client – November 2013
  • Windows 2003 Server will be dropped – June 2014
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