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SmartVault Release Notes for September 2014

September 2014 SmartVault Service Update


Release Date: September 22, 2014


This release introduces changes for all SmartVault customers. Here’s a summary of what’s new:


  •          Users can now change their email address on their own, without calling support
  •          Added an account-level recycle bin, to restore vaults that have been closed
  •          It’s now easier for existing users to create a new account
  •          Increased the default page count from 10 to 50
  •          Bug fixes


Users can now change their email address:

Previously, if a user needed to change his or her email address for SmartVault, the SmartVault support team would need to initiate the change. Now, users can change their own email address through the ‘My Info’ link at the top of the SmartVault portal. This will trigger a new activation email being sent to the new email address, which will become active when the user opens the email and clicks the link.


Account-level recycle bin:

Previously, if the account administrator closed (deleted) a vault, the SmartVault support team would be needed to restore the vault. Now, there is an account-level recycle bin, so an account administrator can restore a vault as easily as restoring a folder or a file.


Made it easier for existing users to create a new account:

Previously, existing users had to go through more steps to create a new account. For example, a user who was a guest of one SmartVault account would not easily be able to start a 30-day trial for a new account without having to enter a credit card. We have streamlined the paths for existing users to create a new SmartVault account, making it as easy for an existing user as for a new user to open a new account.


Default page size increased to 50:

Previously, the default ‘Page Size’ (for example, the number of files that are displayed when viewing the contents of a folder in the SmartVault portal) was 10. Most customers found that this was too small and wanted to be able to view more items at once, by default. New users will now have this value set to 50, by default. [Existing users can change their preferred Page Size value from the ‘My Info’ link at the top of the SmartVault portal, selecting ‘View Preferences’ to access the default Page Size.]


Bug Fixes:

  • Customers on SmartVault plans for Intuit Lacerte and ProSeries Tax have a new SmartVault security model that requires users to be a member of a vault group to be able to receive permissions to folders in the vault. This happens automatically when you add client contacts or employees through the new SmartVault Dashboard. The ‘Add User’ button should not have appeared on, and has been removed from, the ‘Share & Manage Access’ form for customers on these plans.
  • If a user had not signed in when the auto updater was running on a Windows desktop, the SmartVault Desktop Software would ask the user to sign in before updating. The software now shuts down before updating, so it does not ask you to sign in before the updater runs.
  • There were inconsistencies in the terminology used by the SmartVault system tray icon and SmartVault Launchpad software, which was creating some minor confusion among users. These inconsistencies have been fixed.
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