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Advanced View in the SmartVault Portal


The Advanced View provides a tree structure in the left pane, similar to the tree structure used in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder, which allows users to quickly browse through their vault, folder, and document hierarchy.


In the right pane, the Advanced View provides a context-sensitive task pane with links users can quickly click to perform common tasks, such as creating and sharing new vaults and folders and uploading documents.



The following image shows the Advanced view SmartVault Administrators and Vault Managers use to manage their SmartVault account, define vault and folder structures, upload documents, and share vaults and folders.


If you wish to change your default view and you are...


In the SmartVault Portal, click on "My Info" in the top right corner and follow these instructions: Changing Your Default View in the Portal


In the SmartVault Dashboard, click on the "" icon next to your account name in the top right corner and follow these instructions: Changing your Default View in the Dashboard

Although the Advanced view is the default view for SmartVault Administrators and Vault Managers, any user can change their default view from the Advanced view to the Files and Folders view at any time if they prefer to work using the Files and Folders view. 


Users working in the Advanced view can also view their vaults, folders, and documents in the Files and Folders view on-demand at any time by opening Files and Folders view from the Advanced view.

When to Use

SmartVault Administrators and Vault Managers typically use the Advanced view to create and manage their vault and folder structure.

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