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Email Notifications for Upload and Download



Notifications are an easy way to be notified of upload or download activity in a folder. Gone are the days when you have to follow up with someone to see if they got the document you shared with them. The Notifications feature will let you know if someone has viewed or downloaded a document from a specific folder. It will also notify you if someone has uploaded a document to a folder.



  • You can configure notifications at the vault or folder level. (we recommend folder).

  • You can specify different notifications for each folder.

  • You can also set the frequency of notifications. Get them every 15 minutes, once a day, or twice a day, or never.

  • Notifications come directly to your email. If there are multiple events occurring within the time you've set for your notification frequency, you'll receive a digest of the events.

  • The email contains, who did the activity, the file name, and the date.

What are the benefits of this feature?

Setting notifications improves your productivity because you don't have to follow up with the people you share your folders. 

SmartVault Administrators and Vault Managers can specify that they want users, clients, and guests with access to a vault or folder to automatically receive upload and download email notifications.

When to use this feature?

Many of our accounting and professional service customers use this feature heavily. For example, they will simply upload a tax return to their clients folder and no longer worry about it. They'll be notified when the client has viewed it. Conversely, they may request some supporting documents from their clients. They don't have to monitor the folder daily to see if the client has uploaded or not. They get notifications from SmartVault.