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SmartVault Dashboard Glossary


This page collects terms associated with the SmartVault Dashboard and its operations and gives definitions or explanations of each term. To quickly locate and highlight a term on the page, simply click on the term in the table of contents below:



Contains a complete list of your clients and the ability to search, filter and drill down to view their contact information, associated engagements, tax return information and assigned employees

Client Engagements

Lists all of the engagements associated with your clients. Can filter by client type, engagement type, tax return sent/printed status, and tax year. Can select clients in bulk to send tax returns to


Lists an account's employees as well as their contact information. Can add employees from this screen

Internal Documents

Contains any files in the Internal Documents folder under the account's Firm vault. Can search, upload files or add a folder from this screen

Public Documents

Contains any files in the Public Documents folder under the account's Firm vault. Can search, upload files or add a folder from this screen

Manage Folder Templates

Lists all of the default and available folder templates for your account. Can add a new template rule and edit existing templates (rename template/folder, change the template type, add/remove folder) from this screen

Email Templates 

Lists all of the available email templates (used for bulk emails) for your account. Can edit a template's text from this screen

Migration Log 

Displays a record of every client migration into SmartVault. Can filter by migration type (Pending, Processing, etc.) Failed migrations are shown by default



Found in Client Engagements and the Migration Log, clicking the icon configure icon.jpg allows you to select/deselect the columns that are shown

Client Copy

The copy of the filed tax return an accountant provides for his or her client 

Client Type/Type Qualifier

Identifier that refers to what type of tax entity a client falls under (Individual, Estate, Exempt, etc.) The value is assigned to your client when imported into SmartVault (comes from Lacerte or ProSeries) or when created in the Dashboard. Client Type is one of the column names under Client Engagements. Also called 'Type qualifier' when creating a new client

Contextual Help

Found at every level of the Dashboard (in the upper right-hand corner), clicking the icon contextual help.jpg displays five support articles most relevant to the content you're viewing

Edit Filters

Found in ClientsClient Engagements and the Migration Log, clicking the icon filter icon.jpgallows you to filter what content is displayed based on selected criteria (for example, client type)

Government Copy

The copy of the tax return sent to tax authorities 

Tax Engagement 

A Tax Engagement describes the folder structure created for a client by tax year; common folders include, Tax Returns, Source Documents, Tax Plan Reports, and various client-accessible folders

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