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SmartVault Portal Glossary

This page collects terms associated with the SmartVault Portal and its operations and gives definitions or explanations of each term. To quickly locate and highlight a term on the page, simply click on the term in the table of contents:


Not all of these features are available in all plans. To find out which features are available in your plan, search the features page in the Customer Center.


Access and Notification Settings

Only available to account administrators. Lives at the vault and container (folder) levels for admin user to grant access rights (Read/Write/Create/Delete) for users/employees/guests, add access rights for a new/existing user, and set upload/download notifications.

Activity Log

Displays all user activity for an account, vault or folder dating back to the account's creation. More...

Advanced View

Default view for the Portal. Consists of all the components -- the file tree, sidebar panel, content pane and main menu. Typically used to manage vault and folder structure.

Client User License

Only available in Accounting plans. User can use all of the SmartVault Desktop add-ons and integrations but cannot perform administrative tasks (create folders, invite new users).


Only used in tax plans. Holds other containers, vaults, folders, subfolders and files. A default container such as 'Clients' holds all of your client vaults and their respective folders, sub-folders and documents/files.

Content Pane

Lives in the center of the Advanced View. Displays the contents of whatever is selected in the File Tree Panel.

Custom Group

Available to tax plans only (three per account). Customizable group populated with employees used to control access for client vaults and folder templates.


Gives user a view of select account tasks and information: Clients, Client Engagements, Employees, Internal Documents, Public Documents, Manage Folder Templates, Email Templates, Migration Log.

File and Folders View

Alternate view for the Portal. Simplified in that it only shows folders/files user has access to. Typically used to efficiently view, upload, download and share documents and files. 

File Tree Panel

Lives in left-hand side of the Advanced View. Used to navigate files associated with an account. Displays (and expands) accounts, containers, vaults, folders and sub-folders. 

Get Link

Available for containers, vaults and folders.  Provides a link you can copy and paste into a document or email message.

Guest User License

Free and unlimited in all plans. User is an individual outside of your business you would like to share documents/files with. Can only upload and access files through the Portal, Inbox and mobile apps.

Main Menu

Top menu bar of the Advanced View. Four components: Home, My Info, Help, Sign Out.

Recycle Bin 

Stores deleted documents and folders for up to 90 days. After that, they are purged from the account. See this article for permissions needed to access the Recycle Bin. 

Send Link

Available for containers, vaults and folders.  Select users to send a link to with an optional personal message. 

Sidebar Panel 

Lives at the far right of the Advanced View. Shows the actions you can take based on what you've selected in the File Tree Panel.


Holds folders and subfolders. Common example is a client vault with various folders and subfolders specific to a folder structure. 

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