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SmartVault Portal and SmartVault Connected Desktop: What's Inside?


SmartVault Portal Connected Desktop

What is the SmartVault Portal?

The SmartVault Portal is a Internet-based client portal for your account allowing you to fully manage the account from the internet browser such as Internet Explorer, FireFox or Google Chrome. 

What Is The SmartVault Connected Desktop?

The SmartVault Connected Desktop* is a downloadable desktop client that makes accessing client information and managing document workflows both efficient and easy for your workflow.

What can I do with it?

  • Create folder structures for document storage
  • Account administrators can control access and set permissions for groups and on an individual folder
  • View documents in a browser window without having to download files
  • Receive email notifications* when files are uploaded or downloaded
  • Custom brand your client portal* and outgoing emails with your firm's logo and colors. You can also add a 'Sign-In' link to your website to give your clients easy access to your portal
  • Generate as-needed security and compliance reports* that provide an audit trail of when and who uploaded, downloaded, deleted or changed the properties of a document
  • Search for documents in the client portal by keyword or phrase including full text search* on any searchable Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or searchable PDF document

*Only available in certain plans. See Plans and Pricing for more details

What can I do with it?

  • Search, sort and find files quickly – by client name or ID (tax customers only)
  • Scan and save source files directly into a client folder
  • Send clients a secure link to a document
  • Expand and collapse folders by tax year
  • Drag and drop files or entire folder structures directly to (or from) SmartVault
  • Open, annotate, edit and save files to SmartVault – just as you would to your desktop or network server
  • Easily view files you've just printed – right from the desktop

 *Business plans do not have access to the Connected Desktop.


SmartVault Portal

The SmartVault Portal serves as your client portal. Set permissions on folders, manage your account, and view documents right in your browser.

CP_client portal view_diagram2.jpg

  1. This panel displays your file tree – your SmartVault account(s) as well as the associated vaults, folders and sub-folders. Click on the + icon to the left of a folder to expand it and right-click to view the folder options.
  2. This content pane displays the contents of what you've selected in the file tree panel.
  3. View Access and Notifications allows you to set access rights and permissions on whichever vault or folder is selected in the file tree panel.
  4. This sidebar panel shows the actions you can take based on what you've selected in the file tree panel or content pane. 
  5. This main menu features My Info, where your account settings live. 


SmartVault Connected Desktop

The SmartVault Connected Desktop gives you efficient access to client information and related files, with tools designed to help you navigate through your document workflow. 

CD_CD view.png

  1.  Search Bar - use the Search Bar to filter your clients in your Client List. The text you enter is matched against the columns in your Client List to display only those clients with a match.

  2. Client List Pane - this is the list of all clients in your account. Clicking on a client in this list displays the client's folders and files in the Document View pane.

  3. Document View Toolbar - the Document View toolbar is used when working with client files and folders in the Document View pane. The Document View toolbar displays the actions you can perform on a file or folder within the Document View pane. The Document View toolbar is contextual and changes which actions are selectable based on whether you are working with a file or a folder.

  4. Document View Pane - the Document View pane is the main window in Connected Desktop. Use the Document View pane to work on client files and folders stored in SmartVault.

  5. Client Folder Structure - this is the folder structure used to store your clients' files and folders in SmartVault. Changes to files or folders here are automatically stored in SmartVault as you work in the Connected Desktop.

  6. Toggle between Clients and Files view. The Files view displays the folder structure and files for the client you've selected in the client list.​

Sending Files Creating New Engagements

To send files:

  • Right-click the file you'd like to send and select Send to
  • Send files using one of three options:
    • Send link to - Sends a file to a user with access to your account via SmartVault
    • Email link to - Sends a file via your computer's default email client
    • Mail Recipient - Sends a file as an encrypted email attachment 
    • CD_send to options.jpg

To create a new engagement:

  • Select a client in the Clients view
  • Right-click and hover over New Engagement
  • Select your engagement type and the year
    • Note: If an engagement for a particular year has already been selected, you will not be able to select it from the new engagement list

CD_select new engagement.jpg

  • An engagement's folder structure is based on the folders in the engagement's folder template that lives in the SmartVault Dashboard.

How do I access the SmartVault Dashboard?

  • Open the SmartVault Portal
  • Right-click on your account (indicated by the blue globe icon) and select View Dashboard