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The SmartVault Outlook Plug-in


The SmartVault Outlook plugin is an extremely handy tool to have if you use Microsoft Outlook. It makes uploading, sharing, and requesting files very easy. Let Outlook also be at the center of your workflow when it comes to secure file sharing and managing your files. Outlook becomes a path to ensure you stay in compliance with stricter federal and state laws dealing with data security.



The SmartVault Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook gives you the ease and convenience of Outlook, integrated with SmartVault’s secure, compliant solution for online document storage and secure file sharing. With the plug-in, you can send, receive, and manage documents securely inside of Outlook, without changing the way you work today.


  • Upload Email Attachments to SmartVault. 
    Got an important document in your Outlook inbox? With the click of a button, you can upload email attachments to any folder in your SmartVault account. You can even create new SmartVault folders, all from within Outlook.
  • Upload Email Messsages to SmartVault.
    Not only can you upload attachments, but now you can upload the actual message to any folder in your SmartVault account.
  • Send Secure Links to Files and Folders in SmartVault
    Want to email an important document to a client or colleague? You can browse through your SmartVault folders, select a file to send, and embed a secure link to the file in an email. It’s just as easy as attaching files to an email and infinitely more secure.
  • Request Files from a Client or Colleague
    Waiting on an important document from a customer or co-worker? Give them a secure path to upload the document to SmartVault, and be automatically notified when the file is ready to view.
  • Convert Email Attachments to Secure Links
    Want to securely forward an email attachment to another recipient? You can instantly upload and convert attachments to secure links in SmartVault.
  • Invite and Manage Users
    Need to add a new user, or grant access to a folder? You can manage basic user permissions and invitations without ever leaving Outlook.



The SmartVault Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook supports Microsoft Outlook versions 2007 to 2016.

Troubleshooting Guide: Outlook Plugin

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