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Utilizing the Public Documents Vault for Clients and Guests


Applies to:
SmartVault Tax and Accounting plans

The Public Documents vault is shared with any user, client, or guest license whom you have shared a vault/folder with or has been invited to your account. Whether it's sharing your staff's directory; marketing materials; or links to IRS documentation, the Public Documents vault would be a place for documents that apply to a wide range of users with access to your firm's SmartVault account.

Who can upload files to the vault?

Unless otherwise specified by editing access settings for the vault, only account administrators and accounts with a User license (Employees by default) can upload files to the Public Documents vault.

How do I upload files to the vault?

You can upload files to the Public Documents vault through the SmartVault Portal:

  1. Select the Public Documents vault in the file tree panel.
  2. Under Vault Tasks, select Upload Files. You can also right click on the vault select Upload Files from the menu.
  3. Drag and drop files to the upload window or click Browse to find the file to upload.
  4. Once the progress bar completes, close the Upload window.

How do I edit access settings for the vault?

  1. Select the Public Documents vault in the SmartVault Portal
  2. In the content pane, click View Access and Notification Settings.
  3. Edit the access settings and permissions for the vault as you would any folder.


You can also disable client sharing for the Public Documents vault

What do clients or guests see?

If you haven't set any access rights or permissions, clients and guests will see the Public Documents vault and be able to access its contents as soon as he or she creates an account and accesses the client portal. 


In this case, Chris Simons, CPA has uploaded his staff directory to the Public Documents vault and has shared a client vault with his client, Susan Tenenbaum:

CP_client portal view_public documents.jpg
CP_client portal view_public documents2.jpg

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