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Views in the SmartVault Portal


The SmartVault Portal offers two views from which to work. The Advanced View and the Files and Folders View. 


  • SmartVault Administrators and Vault Managers typically use the Advanced view to create and manage their vault and folder structure.

  • The Files and Folders view provides a simple, intuitive, streamlined portal view for guests, clients, and other users who typically need access to only a few folders or documents.

  • Users see only the folders they have rights to see, and can quickly view, upload, download, and send links to documents. 

When to use this feature?

  • The Files and Folders view is the default view for guests, clients, and other non-administrative SmartVault users, any user can change their default view from the Files and Folders view to the Advanced view. 
  • The simplified Files and Folders view makes sharing and accessing documents much easier and more intuitive for guests, clients, and users.​

For more information, see Changing Your Default View” 

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