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Supported FreshBooks Transactions


You can attach documents using the new SmartVault Toolbar for FreshBooks. The list of supported entries to which you may attach documents is shown below. Documents attached to these transactions are uploaded to their respective folders in SmartVault. These folders are located in your vault at Applications\FreshBooks\Documents.


For more information on how to install the SmartVault Toolbar for Xero, see  Install the SmartVault Toolbar for the Web Browser​.


For more information on how to attach documents using the SmartVault Toolbar for FreshBooks, see How to Attach Documents from a SmartVault Toolbar.



Main Category Entry Type Suggested Documents to Attach




Estimates Estimate Item

Photos, Email, Catalogs


Home tab Photos, email, contracts, general information
Invoices Credit Note

Refunds/credits, checks, email

Invoices Invoice Invoices, timesheets, expenses receipts
Invoices Invoice Item Photos, email, catalog
Invoices Payment

Check image, invoices, email

Invoices Recurring Profile,  Invoices, email
People Client Contract, email
People Contractor Email, contracts, plans, 1099s
People Staff Photos, email, W2s, HR Information
Reports Balance Sheet Financial documents
Reports Report Reports, spreadsheets, PDFs
Time Tracking Project Reports, spreadsheets PDFs
Time Tracking Task* Email, Visio, Excel, project management documents
Dashboard NA Annual reports, financial documents, objectives, general information


Report Reports, spreadsheets, worksheets
Settings Chart of Accounts Privacy notifications, terms, contracts


* Can only attach to transaction after it has been created.