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Attach Documents to QuickBooks Online Transactions


Documents can be attached to most types of entries in QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Harmony. The following entries must be saved before attaching *Customer, Vendor, Vendor Credit, Vendor Enter Bill and Employee. Documents attached to these transactions are uploaded to their respective folders in SmartVault. These folders are located in your vault at Applications\QuickBooks Online\Documents.

For a list of supported entries see Supported Quickbooks Online Transactions. 


Here’s how to attach a document to a QuickBooks Online entry, in just a few simple steps:

  1. Locate the entry in QuickBooks Online that you want to attach to. The SmartVault Toolbar should appear in the right hand corner of your screen. (If it doesn’t, go here.)

  2. Click the paperclip icon on the SmartVault Toolbar. This will open up a nice big “Attach” window.

  3. Browse to the file that you want to attach, or better yet, drag and drop it in directly onto the “Attach” window.

  4. That’s it! Your source file is now permanently attached to this record in QuickBooks Online.


Now let’s talk about how to view an attached file in QuickBooks Online. When there is a file attached to an entry in QBO, you’ll know because the folder icon will have a number beside it. This indicates the number of attached files to this particular entry.Click the folder icon, and you get a list of attached files.

  • Click the file name to view the file in your browser, or download it to your local desktop
  • Using the icons to the right of the file name, you can view details about the file, or edit the name and description of the file

For more information about what you can do with the new SmartVault Toolbar for QuickBooks Online, check out this short video: