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Attach Documents to SmartVault Toolbar in Web Browser


This article explains how to attach documents to transactions when using the SmartVault web browser toolbar. You can install it for the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox. The toolbar is not compatible with Safari, or Internet Explorer 11.


You can only use the browser toolbar if you have a user or client license on the SmartVault account.


Attach a document from your computer

1. After installing the toolbar into the browser of your choice, it will appear on the right side of the screen when you go to a transaction entry in Xero or Quickbooks Online.

browser toolbar without a document.png


2. Click on the paperclip icon on the SmartVault Toolbar to access the "Upload and Attach Documents" window. 

upload and attach window browser toolbar.png


3. Now you can drag and drop a file from a folder directly to the window. You can also click Browse, and then locate the file you want to upload as well.

drag and drop to toolbar.png


4. Once the file is uploaded, you will see it in the box and the folder document on the toolbar will have a badge icon showing the number of documents that  are attached to that transaction. 

browser toolbar with number.png


5. If you click on the folder located on the toolbar, a window will open showing you the documents that are attached to that transaction letting you know the attachment was made successfully.


upload and attach window browser toolbar.png


Attach a Document Already in SmartVault

1. Once the toolbar has been installed into the web browser, click on the Inbox icon located on the toolbar. It will take you to the Inbox folder for the company file. If there is already a document there, you will see it. If the document is in another folder location, select Browse Folders.



2. Hit the plus button on the file that you want to attach, and that will take it out of the folder it's in, and move it to the transaction folder in SmartVault for the company file you are working in.

2014_Feb_AttachfromInboxBrowserToolBarstep2 copy.png


3. If you were looking for a file in a different location, select Browse Folders and your folder directory will open up. Locate the folder your document is in and click Select Folder.




4. Once you select the folder, your document list will populate in that window. Push the plus (+) button on the files you want to attach to that transaction, and then those documents will be moved to the correct transaction folder in SmartVault.





Video on attaching documents to the browser toolbar: