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Supported Xero Transactions


You can attach documents using the new SmartVault Toolbar for Xero. The list of supported entries to which you may attach documents is shown below. Documents attached to these transactions are uploaded to their respective folders in SmartVault. These folders are located in your vault at Applications\Xero\Documents.


For more information on how to install the SmartVault Toolbar for Xero, see Install SmartVault Toolbar for Web Browser​.


For more information on how to attach documents using the SmartVault Toolbar for Xero, see How to Attach Documents using the SmartVault Toolbar.



Main Category Entry Type Suggested Documents to Attach


Bank Account

Bank statements, fee statements, correspondence

Account Bank Account/Transfer* Transfer Documentation


Checks/Spent Money* Checks, Cash receipts
Account Expense Claim

Expense report, supporting documents

Account Expense Claim/Receipt Expense Receipts
Account Fixed Asset* Depreciation schedules, tax forms
Account Fixed Asset/Inventory Item*

Photos, Bill of Sale

Account Purchases/Bill Bills, Approval letters, supporting documents
Account Purchases/Payable Credit note Refunds/credits, invoices, checks, email
Account Purchases/Repeating Bill Invoices, email
Account Sales/Invoices Invoices, timesheets, expense receipts
Account Sales/Receivable Credit note Refunds/credits, Invoices, checks, email
Advisor Journal Sales/Receivable Credit note* Supporting documentation, email
Contacts Contact/Archived* Photo, Correspondence, email
Contacts Contact/Customer Photo, correspondence, email
Dashboard NA Annual reports, financial documents, objectives, general information


Report* Reports, spreadsheets, worksheets
Settings Chart of Accounts Privacy notifications, terms, contracts


The SmartVault Toolbar for Xero is only supported in Firefox, and Chrome.

Transfer attachments can be added under manage account then account transactions

Checks can be attached to under the account transactions. 

Fixed Assets and Inventory items have to be approved by someone in an Advisor role before it will allow you to attach to it.

The Advisor Journal requires the user being configured as a Financial Advisor in General Settings

Reports needs to be published first in order to attach to it