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Create a SmartVault trial account for Intuit Lacerte and ProSeries Tax (Video)

How to create a SmartVault account that will integrated with Intuit Lacerte and ProSeries Tax software


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0:00 Intro

Hi, I?m Eric. This video is for users of Intuit?s Lacerte or ProSeries tax software to show you how to open up a free trial account for SmartVault. I?ll walk through what the process should look like, and for those of you who may have a little trouble setting up your account after watching the presentation, I?ll also show you how to get free support from the Customer Care team at the end of the video.


00:22 Setting up your Account

So let?s get started! You can either create your account right from the SmartVault website at for Lacerte or /proseries for ProSeries, OR you can create your account right from within the Lacerte or ProSeries app, which is actually the easier way to do it. Let?s go ahead and take a look at that; I?m going to be demonstrating this for Lacerte, but it works the same way inside ProSeries. You just pick a client, and then go to print a tax return for the client, and you?ll notice that inside the ?print tax return? dialogue, there are links to set up custom document management. So if I click on that link, it will automatically bring up my web browser and take me to SmartVault to set up my account. So all you really need is your email address, we?ll put my email address in here, and type in my name. This is also a good time to review the SmartVault terms of service. So I?m signing in here creating an account for Eric Dunn at Dunn CPA, which is our sample CPA firm. I?m just going to create my account, and that will begin the process.


1:30 Complete the Setup

So now my account has been created, you can see the company name actually came from Lacerte or ProSeries. It?s welcoming me to SmartVault and showing me the steps to complete the setup. So the first step is to activate my user ID. You can see the message says an activation email was sent to, to complete this step, go to your email inbox, open the activation email, and click the link to activate your account. So let?s go ahead and do that, I use Outlook so I?m going to go ahead and open it. Here is the SmartVault activation request. Go ahead and click that, open up that email. So here is an email from SmartVault telling me my account is ready to be activated, all I need to do is click this link to activate my account and choose a password. If I click the link it will take me back to SmartVault where I can enter my name, a phone number, my password. So I?ll create a password for this account; it says it?s weak, so I?m going to make it a little bit stronger, and activate my user ID.


2:57 Installing the Software

So now that I?ve activated my user ID it?s taking me to step two, which is to install the SmartVault software for Windows which is the software that runs on your computer that actually does the integration for Lacerte or ProSeries. In the lower left hand side, and this may look a little different depending on what web browser you?re using (I?m in Chrome), you?ll see it?s downloading the SmartVault setup exe. And after the download is complete I?ll go ahead and run the program to install SmartVault on my computer.


So now that the download is complete, I can go ahead and click on the SmartVault setup and run the setup program to install SmartVault on my computer. So here?s the SmartVault setup wizard, I?ll go ahead and click ?next,? click the button to accept the terms of service and license agreement. I?ll go ahead and click ?next,? it?s telling me how much disk space; I?ve got plenty of space, and I?m just going to pick the default location. I?m going to let SmartVault create shortcuts on the desktop for the SmartVault Launchpad, to get to the SmartVault client portal, and this little tool called the SmartVault inbox. I just go ahead and click ?next,? so the software now is installing on my computer. So the installation is almost complete. We?re done and I?m going to go ahead and finish, and we?re ready to go.


So I?ve completed this step, lets go ahead and click ?next.? Now it?s letting me know we?re ready to go, all we need to do is sign into SmartVault for Windows and open the SmartVault Launchpad on the Windows desktop to go ahead and sign in. I?m going to minimize my browser, get rid of this email and close Outlook. Here we are in Lacerte, I?m going to go ahead and close this print dialogue in Lacerte and close Lacerte. So here?s the SmartVault Launchpad, these are the links SmartVault should install on your desktop: the SmartVault Launchpad, the inbox (that gets us right to the SmartVault client portal). Let?s go ahead and double click the Launchpad to open up SmartVault on the desktop. This is the sign in for SmartVault on the desktop; I?m going to type in my email address and password. I?m going to click ?remember me? so it will automatically log me in on the desktop so I don?t have to keep entering my name and password, it will automatically do that every time I login to Windows.


You can see in the system tray there?s a SmartVault keyhole icon. After the login attachment, the icon will go from black to green, which means we?re signed in and connected to SmartVault. You can see we?re green, so we?re logged in here in the SmartVault Launchpad. You can see in the upper right, it?s telling me I?m logged in as, so everything is good. I?m going to go ahead and close the Launchpad, go back into Lacerte and get ready to establish that connection with SmartVault.


6:10 Connecting to SmartVault

Lacerate doesn?t see I?m connected to SmartVault. The first thing that should happen after Lacerte realizes that SmartVault is trying to connect is a pop up will happen that is necessary to grant SmartVault permissions to access your Lacerte or ProSeries data. So I?m going to go ahead and click ?grant? and that will let Lacerte know it?s okay to give access to SmartVault. So let?s go back into Lacerte, so now when I click on the print dialogue you?ll see that the option to set up document management is gone and I actually have a SmartVault check box right here from the print tax return dialogue. Instead of printing to the printer, I?ll go ahead and click print to SmartVault. It?s telling me congratulations, configuration has been done successfully. We?ll go ahead and print out, let?s say preparer copy, client copy, or the tax returns. I?ll go ahead and click ?OK,? and as Lacerte prints the tax returns, the PDFs will be printed out and you?ll notice SmartVault will grab the PDFs, automatically upload them to SmartVault, and we can verify that the connection with SmartVault has been made, and everything has been set up correctly. That?s all it takes to set up SmartVault with Lacerte!                     


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