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SmartVault for Tax Accounting Trial Guide - II. Access and Manage Files - Step 3: Find and Filter Clients and Files


Finding and Filtering

You can quickly locate clients, files, and folders in the Connected Desktop. At this point in your SmartVault journey, it won't seem very difficult to find anything in the Connected Desktop; however, when you start to import all your documents and client data, you'll need the following tools to help you search through the Connected Desktop.


When you work with documents in the Connected Desktop, you'll locate your client and then search for files or folders in your client's vault.

Search Your Client List

  1. In the Search Bar, type your client's name—either first or last name.


    For example, to search for all clients with the first name Carl, we type "Carl".
  2. Your list filters as you type.
  3. Click the x  icon to clear input from the Search Bar and display all clients again.


Quick Search in Your Client List

Alternatively, you can use the quick search find a client.

  1. Click within the Client List to make it active.
  2. Begin typing the letters in the client's last name. 
  3. For example, if we were looking for Carl Sagan, we would type "Sagan" until the client record for Carl Sagan became active.

Search for Files or Folders in a Client Vault

Folders and their structures will vary depending on your plan (tax or non-tax) as well as the engagements you have selected. While the functionality is the same across both plans, these screens apply to a tax accounting plan.


  1. Click on a client to open that client's vault in the Document View.


  2. Right click anywhere in the Document View and select Find.


  3. The Find tool opens in the Document View.


  4. Type any text to start your search. Your search results load as you type into the Find tool.