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SmartVault for Tax Accounting Trial Guide - II. Access and Manage Files - Step 4: Getting Files into Connected Desktop




Managing Documents

Whether you are moving documents from your desktop computer into the Connected Desktop or you are moving documents within the Connected Desktop, you'll find the methods easy and intuitive.


When you add documents to your SmartVault account, you'll see that we refer to this action as "uploading". Even though you might print from your tax application, or you might use dragging and dropping, scanning, or copying and pasting, you are still just uploading files to your SmartVault account.


In this guide, we've already demonstrated that you can get your tax return documents directly into SmartVault from Lacerte or ProSeries just by printing. We'll discuss two additional methods for getting files into SmartVault while using the Connected Desktop. The Connected Desktop has many additional ways to work with files—see this article if you'd like to explore additional methods for working with files in the Connected Desktop.

Upload Files


  1. Select a folder in a client vault in the Document View pane and click Upload in the Document View toolbar.

  2. Alternatively, you can select a folder and right click; select Upload from the right click menu.

  3. A window opens that allows you to browse to the file or files you want to upload. Select the file in this window. To select multiple files, hold the CTRL key as you click on the files to upload.

  4. Click Open and the files upload to SmartVault.