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SmartVault for Tax Accounting Trial Guide - Ia. Access and Manage Files - Step 1: Print Tax Returns to SmartVault from Intuit Lacerte



Printing Tax Documents to SmartVault

Looking for how to print from ProSeries instead? Click here.

As you work to prepare taxes for your clients, you can print the resulting paperwork directly to SmartVault. If you've never set up this client in SmartVault, an entry record is created when you print a tax return to SmartVault. There's no additional information needed for setting up your client; SmartVault receives all the information straight from Lacerte.


Additionally, SmartVault automatically sets up a folder structure to organize the documents you print. We'll discuss how these folders are created and what they are used for later in this guide. 


Even though SmartVault creates your client and sets up that client's folder structure, your client doesn't have access to any of these folders yet. You'll still need to invite the client to view his or her folders in your SmartVault account, as you'll see in the third section of this trial guide. 


  1. Open your current Lacerte application.
  2. Select a test client and click Print>Tax Return.

  3. Check SmartVault for all copies of the tax returns and click OK.

  4. After Lacerte calculates and creates each copy of your client's tax return, SmartVault alerts you that the upload is complete.

  5. If not yet open, open Connected Desktop. You may need to refresh the Connected Desktop. Click View>Refresh clients.
  6. You should now see your test client listed in the Connected Desktop.