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Unable to load client "Object not found"


When you try to look at the details of a client in the Dashboard or try to choose the Open Client in Portal option in the SmartVault Connected Desktop, you get the following error message.

Error: Object not found



This may be happening because a tax engagement has been deleted from the client vault. 


To resolve the issue, follow the steps in this section.


  1. Sign into the SmartVault Client portal at 
  2. Right click on the client vault that is generating the error. 
  3. Select Recycle Bin and use the drop down to select "Deleted within Last 90 days" 
  4. If you see a TYXX folder listed there, then click Restore. 
  5. Once restored, now see if you get the same error. 

If you continue to get this error after the above steps, then please send use the URL link from the address bar when you click the client Info. You can send the URL to with the error details.

This will help us identify the problem with the specific client.

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