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Using Copy/Move


The Copy or Move commands in SmartVault provide a similar functionality to those used on your PC or OSX desktop.  Copy creates a new version of the item and leaves the original in place.  Move is similar to "Cut" and will delete the item from it's original location and put it in the new location. 

You can copy or move a specific file, a folder and it's contents, or an entire vault to a new location in the same account, or another SmartVault account you Vault Manager or Administrator access to. 

How to Use:

You can use copy/move either by right-clicking the item in the left-hand file tree pane and choosing "Copy/Move", or by selecting the item and using "Copy/Move" from the right-hand options pane. 
Then designate a vault or folder you have access to to copy/move that item to that location.

Moving or copying a file from it's original location to a new folder selected in the vault. Folders work the same way, creating a new sub-folder inside of any folder you select with the original folders contents. 


Company Files must be moved individually if you wish to retain the association between the documents and their transactions in their application (Quickbooks, Xero, etc)  Simply moving the entire vault, or higher level folders will only copy the contents of those folders, but the new files will not be associated in their application. 


Moving Folders will require that the user has Administrator or Vault Manager permissions to delete the origin folder, or to create a folder on the destination account. 


Vaults are slightly different.   Because vaults are the basic security level in the account, moving/copying a vault, folder or file will mean that the new or moved item will inherent the permissions of the vault or folder it resides it, it will not retain it's initial permissions if you are moving it from one location to another.


You cannot copy/move a Vault and  to make a new vault since they are the most basic type of container for an account.  The destination must be inside a vault or folder.  Note: You can still make this folder into a vault if you are an account Administrator.  Locate the folder in the SmartVault Drive.  Right-click the folder you want to convert into a vault and choose "cut". Navigate to the Vault level of the account (just under the account subfolder) and paste the folder here.  It will now be a vault when you navigate to it in the portal.  


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