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Check the Status of Your Migration



The easiest way to check your migrations is to simply watch your migration complete at the end of the Data Migration tool.


However, if the window closes for any reason, you can open the Import Data tool to check on your migration.


Open the Import Data Tool to Check Migrations

  1. Open the SmartVault Launchpad and click on Import Data.

  2. Select the source you'd like to check: Intuit DMS, Lacerte, or ProSeries.
  3. Select your account and click Next.

  4. Your clients are displayed with a status. You can easily rerun an import from here as well if no status is displayed.




See the following articles to rerun imports for the different types of migrations:


After Completing the Data Migration Wizard, Import More Data from DMS Using the Import Data Tool


After Completing the Data Migration Tool, Import More Clients from Lacerte Using the Import Data Tool


After Completing the Data Migration Wizard, Import More Clients from ProSeries Using the Import Data Tool


Check Your Migration Logs in the SmartVaul Portal

Checking your migration logs in the SmartVault Portal is an older method of checking your migration and isn't the easiest method for checking your migration.

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Click on Migration Log

  3. Each record that displays is a client record you've attempted to migrate. By default, only failed migrations display. Click Edit filters to open the filter menu to include other types of migrations.

  4. Click to enable Failed if it isn't enabled already. Choose the other types of migrations you'd like to view and when finished, click Apply.
  5. Information about each client record that you've attempted to migrate displays in columns and rows on this page. For a failed migration, you will want to view the column Error Detail to view the error message associated with the failed migration.

  6. You can also use this migration log to verify that your clients have migrated over successfully. Select Completed from the filter menu to view a full list of all your completed migrations.


You can add additional columns to or remove columns from the migration log. Typically, you will not use the additional columns and the columns shown by default will serve your purposes. Often, SmartVault Support staff will utilize the additional columns for troubleshooting.



If you have a failed migration, you can attempt to rerun that migration from the Import Data tool. You will want to correct any errors listed in the Error Detail column in the Import Data tool before attempting to rerun the migration.