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Import DMS Migration Data Offline


This guide shows step by step how to export data from DMS for a SmartVault migration to an external device. The device can then be shipped to SmartVault in order to have your data imported to your SmartVault account. This can be useful for SmartVault users with lots of data (for instance 500GB of client information). In these kinds of situations, importing data offline may be more practical. You should first contact SmartVault Support before you start this method of migration.


This guide will teach you how to export DMS data and then import it to an external device, such as a flash drive or external hard drive. You should only use this guide after speaking to a representative from SmartVault Support. It will not cover migrating data directly from DMS to SmartVault (that information can be found here).


  1. Click on the SmartVault Launchpad icon on the desktop. You should see the screen below.



  1. Click on Import Data. You should see the screen below.




  1. Select Intuit DMS and select your account. Then click on Next. You should see the screen below.​​



  1. Click Options. You should see the screen below.



  1. Check Perform Offline Migration, click Browse and select a destination folder on your removable drive, and click Generate to create a safe password. Store the password securely as SmartVault support will need it to access your data.
  2. Click OK.
  3. You can click Import All to import every client from your DMS database.
  4. You can also  select each client you want to import. Hold CTRL and click each client to select multiple clients that are not continuous, or hold SHIFT and click from one client to another client to select all clients in between the two. 
  5. Click Import Selected to import only those clients you selected.
  6. Once the export completes, please safely eject the removable drive and confirm with SmarVault Support how to ship this drive to SmartVault. Typically you will FedEx this drive to SmartVault.


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