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Purchase SmartVault and the DMS Data Migration Tool to Remove Trial Account Import and Client Limits


If you're evaluating SmartVault with a trial account, there are limits placed on the number of imports you can complete from Intuit DMS and the total number of clients you can have in your SmartVault account. 


If you are a DMS user, you can only complete a total of 10 imports. Once you reach 10 total imports, you will need to purchase the DMS Data Migration tool to proceed with more imports. 10 is 10; so even if you delete clients you imported from DMS, your number of imports will not decrease.


For Lacerte and ProSeries users, you can have 10 concurrent clients in your SmartVault account at a time. This means that you can import, print a tax return from Lacerte or ProSeries for, or manually add up to 10 clients at a time. Once you've reached 10 clients, you'll need to purchase a SmartVault plan to add more clients. Unlike DMS imports, you can delete clients from your SmartVault account and then import, print, or add new clients as often as you want.


For those on trialing accounts who use both DMS and an Intuit tax application, we recommend importing the same 10 clients from both DMS and your tax application while trialing.


To remove all import and client limitations, you'll need to purchase a SmartVault plan and the DMS Data Migration tool. You'll only need to purchase the DMS Data Migration tool if you're importing data from DMS.


  1. Access the payment page so you can enter your credit card information.
    • You can access this page directly from the Import Data tool or the Import Data tool embedded in the DMS Data Migration tool.

      Click Purchase SmartVault to access the payment page.
    • You can also access the payment page from the SmartVault Portal

      Click on your account, then click Payment Information.
  2. On the payment page, select if you need the DMS Data Migration tool.

    The tool is a one-time charge of $99, and you will be billed separately from your SmartVault plan. You will only need this tool if you plan on importing data from DMS. You can purchase this tool later by returning to this page, however, if you need to import data from DMS we highly recommend purchasing your plan and the tool together.

  3. Enter your credit card information and click Purchase
  4. You're ready to import unlimited clients and perform unlimited DMS imports, assuming you purchased the DMS Data Migration tool.
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