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Reopen the DMS Data Migration Tool


If you close or cancel the window for the DMS Data Migration tool before finishing the wizard, you can reopen the window again by signing out of the SmartVault desktop software, and then signing in again. As long as you meet the following conditions, the tool will open again:

  • You have less than 10 clients in your SmartVault account;
  • You haven't selected Skip or completed the wizard yet;
  • And you or a SmartVault Services employee hasn't manually altered your folder templates in the SmartVault folder.

If you don't meet all of these conditions, the DMS Data Migration tool will no longer open. If you've already completed this wizard, you can still import additional clients and documents by opening the Import Data tool from the SmartVault Launchpad or the Connected Desktop.


If for any reason the tool will not open, and you meet all of these conditions, contact support for help.

Remember: Before contacting support, minimize any other open windows as the wizard might be hidden from view.


  1. First, sign out of SmartVault desktop software.
  2. Then, sign in again with the same account.
  3. The DMS Data Migration tool should open again. Be sure to check behind any other open windows you might have on your desktop.