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Understanding the SmartVault Default Folder Structure and Permissions


This article can help you to understand the default SmartVault folder structure and the permissions and purposes for each folder:


Note: If you're migrating from Intuit DMS, the DMS Data Migration tool will navigate you through a custom folder template wizard allowing you to create a new folder template for SmartVault based on your existing DMS folder template. Your folder template will only receive the folders with Client in the titles.


The default folders in this structure are defined as follows:

  • TYxx (TY12, TY13) – Your clients have Read permission to these folders when they are invited to the portal. When you print the client copy tax return to SmartVault, it is stored in the Client Tax Returns folder and the client can view it. The client cannot view the other folders in the TYxx structure. Your client can only view those folders that begin with Client.
  • Client Organizer and Client Tax Returns - Your clients have Read permissions to these folders and use them to view current and historical tax returns.
  • Client Source Documents - Your clients have Read, Write, Create and Delete permissions to this folder when they are invited to the portal.
  • Source Documents - Contains your internal documents. Your clients cannot access this folder.
  • Tax Plan Reports - Contains your internal documents, such as Next Year's files. Your clients cannot access this folder.
  • Tax Returns - Contains your internal documents, such as the Preparer File Review copy of the tax return. Your clients cannot access this folder.


For more information about migrating your Intuit DMS data to SmartVault, see Intuit Migration Considerations.

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