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Add-ons for SmartVault Plans

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If you ever run low on disk space or need an additional user on your account, but don't want to upgrade your plan, you can do so from the Manage Bill section in the SmartVault client portal. You can only make these changes if you are an account administrator.


To purchase additional features on your SmartVault plan:

1.) Sign in to the SmartVault client portal and select your account - it has a blue globe next to it.

2.) Once you select your account, on the right side of the screen under Account Task, select Manage Bill.

3.) The Manage Bill page is divided in three sections, Current Plan and Usage is at the top, Update Plan is in the middle of the page, and Billing History is the bottom section.

add-ons for sv.png

4.) Go to the update plan, and in the quantity field add the number of add-ons to the plan (User, Client, disk space, company file, etc) and then select save to finalize.

5.) Once you save, you will have access to the additional account items immediately.

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