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Manage or Change User License Type


SmartVault Administrators can perform the following actions:

  • View which type of license (user, client, or guest) is associated with each user in the account.​

  • Change the type of license associated with a user in an account. For example, SmartVault Administrators can change the license associated with a user from:
    • Guest to User, or from User to Guest
    • Guest to a Client User
  • Remove, or delete, users, clients, or guests from an account if the user, client, or guests should no longer have access to the SmartVault account.


To manage user licenses:

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Select the account for which you want to manage licenses.
  3. In the right task pane, click Manage Licenses.

    Manage Licenses location in portal.png
    Note:You must be a SmartVault Administrator to manage licenses. If you don't see Manage Licenses, your SmartVault user ID is not a member of the SmartVault Administrators group for the account. For non-tax SmartVault plans, see this article for more information about adding a user to the SmartVault Administrators group. If you're using SmartVault for Tax Accounting, you'll set your employee user as an admin.

To change the type of license associated with a user:

  1. Select the appropriate tab for the user. For example, if you want to change a user’s license type from guest to user, select the Guests tab.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Select the license type for the user, and then click Save.

To remove or delete a user license:

  1. Select the appropriate tab for the user. For example, if you want to remove a user associated with a guest license from your account, select the Guests tab.
  2. Click Remove, and then click OK.

Manage Licienses.PNG


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