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Understanding SmartVault Licensing


There are two basic types of user licenses available in all SmartVault plans: Users and Guests. An additional type of license (Client) is available If you are on any of the plans for accountants or bookkeepers such as,

  • SmartVault ProAdvisor
  • SmartVault for Accountants
  • SmartVault for Accountants with Tax (Solo or Team)
  • SmartVault for Reckon Partners


As of the the plans released in 2013, all SmartVault plans include an unlimited number of Guest licenses. the bookkeeping and accounting plans listed above include an unlimited number of client licenses. These two unlimited license types are for you to invite users outside your organization to share documents in SmartVault. Because these licenses are unlimited and free, you may not use these license types for employees, either full-time or part-time, or other internal users of your organization.


Guests vs. Clients
There are some restrictions in what Guest and Clients are allowed to do in SmartVault, which are summarized in the chart below. Guest and Client licenses may not be used for employees of your company or other internal users of your organization. Client licenses can do everything Guests can do, but Clients can also use the SmartVault mapped drive and can use the SmartVault Toolbar to get access to attached documents in Reckon Accounts Books, QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, FreshBooks, and Xero accounting applications.


License Type User Guest Client
Who are they? An internal user or employee of your business. Someone outside your business that you want to share files with. A client of a bookkeeping professional who wants to use the SmartVault Toolbar.
What can they do? Upload/download files, Create/edit/delete files, Create/delete folders, Invite other users Upload/download files, Create/edit/delete files Upload/download files, Create/edit/delete files

What SmartVault Features Can They Use?


Features User Guest Client

SmartVault Portal

SmartVault Connected Desktop*
SmartVault Inbox
SmartVault Outlook Plugin
SmartVault iOS App
SmartVault Drive
SmartVault QuickBooks Toolbar
SmartVault Reckon Accounts Toolbar

* Certain plans only.

Restrictions on Group Membership

A Guest or Client user can be a member of any group in the SmartVault account, except for the powerful SmartVault Administrators and Vault Manager groups.

Changing User License Types

If there is a user outside your company that needs more capabilities than is available with a Guest or Client license, you can use a regular User license for the external user. For example, if you want the user to be able to create their own folders, that user needs to be a regular User license, not a Guest or Client.

You normally specify the user license type when you first invite the user to SmartVault. However, you can change a user’s license type at any time from the SmartVault client portal by clicking on the account and selecting “Manage Licenses”.

For more information about managing user licenses, see Managing User Licenses. For more information about adding additional user licenses to your account, see Upgrading Your Account.

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