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Scanning Documents Using the SmartVault Inbox and a Canon P-215II or Canon P-208II Scanner

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With the Canon P-215II and Canon P-208II CaptureOnTouch software, the SmartVault shortcut is preconfigured and automatically implemented. SmartVault detects which active window is open and will scan to that window. If no windows are open, and you select the SmartVault shortcut from the CaptureOnTouch software, the SmartVault Inbox will open by default. 


  1. Open the SmartVault Launchpad and sign in if prompted.
  2. Click SmartVault Inbox.
  3. Navigate to the folder to which you're uploading documents.
  4. Click Add.

  5. Leave the Upload Documents window open, then open the CaptureOnTouch software, and place the document to be scanned in your scanner.
  6. Select the type of document you're scanning.
  7. Then, select the SmartVault shortcut.

  8. Click Scan.
  9. The scanned document appears in a new window. Here, you can verify the output settings to SmartVault by clicking the pencil icon, you can scan additional pages to add to this scan job, or you can click Finish to move to the next step.

  10. Depending on which SmartVault tools you currently have open, a dialog window appears asking for the destination of your scan. Click on Inbox.


  11. The Upload Documents window now contains a preview of your scan, a file name, and a description for the scanned document.

  12. Click Accept if the information is correct. Otherwise, correct the name and description information and then click Accept.
  13. SmartVault uploads the scanned document.

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