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Scan Documents to the SmartVault Toolbar with Fujitsu a ScanSnap

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You can scan documents and attach the document to a transaction or entry in QuickBooks using the SmartVault QucikBooks Toolbar and a Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner.


  1. Create your ScanSnap scanner profiles for SmartVault.
  2. Right click on your ScanSnap icon in the system tray and select Scan Button Settings.

    If your scanner is not plugged in, the icon will appear with a red no symbol around it. Your scanner must have a connection to be used with the SmartVault QuickBooks Toolbar.
  3. Under Profile, select SmartVault Toolbar, then click Apply and then OK.


  4. Open your QuickBooks company that has an associated company file stored in SmartVault.
    (Use this article to add a QuickBooks company file to SmartVault if you have not previously done so.)
  5. Open the QuickBooks entry to scan to and click Attach (the paperclip icon).
  6. Leave the Attach Documents window open, feed the document into your scanner, and press the Scan button on your ScanSnap scanner.


  7. Depending on which SmartVault tools you currently have open, a dialog window appears asking for the destination of your scan. Click on Toolbar.


  8. The Attach Documents window now contains a preview of your scan, a file name, and a description for the scanned document.

  9. Click Accept if the information is correct. Otherwise, correct the name and description information and then click Accept.
  10. SmartVault uploads and attaches the scanned document.
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