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Create a new DocuSign account and integrate it with SmartVault

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This page will show SmartVault Admins how to sign up for SmartVault's built-in e-signature solution, powered by DocuSign.

The guide below will go into great detail, but the essential steps are:
1.  Create your DocuSign account from within SmartVault.
2.  Check your email for an Activation Email from DocuSign.
3.  Activate your DocuSign account by creating a password.
4.  Return to SmartVault to allow DocuSign integration.
5.  Purchase E-Signature Envelopes.

If you have already created your DocuSign account via SmartVault, you can click below to:

Please note: If you previously integrated SmartVault with RightSignature, you may need to disconnect your RightSignature integration before using another e-signature solution (click here for instructions).

Please note: Only SmartVault Account Administrators can create a DocuSign account via SmartVault or purchase E-Signature Envelopes/KBAs.  SmartVault Users (employees) can only send documents out for e-signature.


  1. Log in to your SmartVault account through the SmartVault Portal.
  2. In the Portal Dashboard View: (If your view looks different, click here)
    Client Portal - Dashboard View - Masthead.png
    • click on the Dashboard - Account Settings or Gear Icon (22x23).png icon near the top right corner of the webpage to get to your Account Settings
  3.  Click on Configure Integrations in the left column under Manage Account.
    DS - Dashboard - Account Settings - Configure Integrations.png
  4. Click on the blue DocuSign text and then click the Sign up for a new DocuSign account via SmartVault button.
    Dashboard - Account Settings - Configure Integrations - DocuSign.png

    Dashboard - Sign up for new DocuSign Account 02.png
  5. Double-check Your Name, Account Name, and Email Address you would like to use for your DocuSign Account and then click the Create your DocuSign account button.
    • You can change your auto-filled information, but make sure you have access to the Email Address you choose.
      Dashboard - Create an E-Signature Account 03.png
    • Please Note: only one DocuSign account can be created via each SmartVault account.
      • You cannot use the same DocuSign account created via SmartVault across multiple SmartVault accounts.
  6.  Leave the SmartVault tab open in your web browser!!!
    Dashboard - Activate then Integrate 02.png
  7. Open your email account (either in new tab or in your Mail client).
    • Search for the Activation Email from DocuSign and click the yellow ACTIVATE button.
      DocuSign Activation Email (cropped).png
    • Complete activation by creating a password, selecting a security question, and clicking the yellow ACTIVATE button at the bottom of the form.
      DocuSign Account Activation Screen.png
  8.  Once your DocuSign account is Activated, you will automatically log in to DocuSign.  Go back to the SmartVault tab you left open.
    • Once you see this...
      DocuSign - Activated DocuSign Account 02.png
    • ... go back to the SmartVault tab you left open and click on the Connect an existing DocuSign account button.
      Dashboard - Activate then Integrate 03.png
  9. Fill in your DocuSign Log In credentials and click on the yellow ACCEPT button to complete the integration.
    DocuSign - Integrate DocuSign - Email Address Blank complete 02.pngDocuSign - Integrate DocuSign - Password blank 02.pngDocuSign - Integrate DocuSign - Accept Integration 02.png
  10. You are then taken to the Purchase E-Signature Envelopes & KBAs page.
    • Type in the number of Envelopes & KBAs you'd like and click the Purchase button at the bottom.
    • Please Note: buying bundles of 50 Envelopes or KBAs will save you 20%!
  11. Once your purchase goes through, you should see the Integration Complete page - you can now send files out for e-signature from the Connected Desktop or through the Files & Folders View in the Dashboard.

That's it - you have successfully created your DocuSign account via SmartVault and are ready to send out documents for e-signature!


Each SmartVault user that needs the ability to send documents out for e-signature should have their own DocuSign login and password - otherwise the Administrator of the DocuSign account will get email notifications and updates on every document that every SmartVault user on their account sends out for e-signature.