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How to use DocuSign with SmartVault (Connected Desktop)

This article explains how to use SmartVault's Get Signature feature with DocuSign via the Connected Desktop.

You must integrate your DocuSign account with SmartVault before you can use the Get Signature feature. 

Learn how to integrate your SmartVault account with DocuSign if you do not have a DocuSign account

Learn how to integrate your SmartVault account with DocuSign if you do have a DocuSign account

Requesting a Signature via the Connected Desktop

To request an e-signature via the Connected Desktop:

1. Open the SmartVault Connected Desktop.
2. Right-click on a file and select Get Signature
Note: You can also select a file and click Get Signature at the top right.

3. If prompted, sign in to your SmartVault account or DocuSign account. The DocuSign editing window loads the file you selected in the Connected Desktop. 
Note: Find out about how to edit and use DocuSign features

4. When you are finished editing the document and selecting your recipient in DocuSign, click Send

How DocuSign Processes a Signed Document

When you send a document to a recipient to be signed, the recipient will receive an email from DocuSign stating that you have requested a signature from them.

After the recipient completes and signs the document, you will receive an email from DocuSign and SmartVault confirming the document has been signed and returned to your SmartVault account.

The signed document is then sent back to DocuSign. DocuSign will send the signed copy to your SmartVault account and the original document will be updated to reflect the new document that has been signed. You will also notice that the document now has a new Modified On date and time.


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